Meet Lazarus Lynch

For fresh&co’s fall 2019 menu, we teamed up with Lazarus Lynch, author of “Son of a Southern Chef” and graduate of Food and Finance High School, an organization fresh&co has been supporting for the last 5 years.


Q. Why is this menu collab with fresh&co special to you?


L.L. My father owned a restaurant, Baby Sister’s Soul Food in Queens and growing up, I always knew I wanted to be a chef and go to Food and Finance High School. I have admired fresh&co due to the support they provide the high school and students as well as the fresh, innovative, healthy meals they create for New Yorkers.  I set out to connect people around the globe with delicious, homemade food and was excited to have the opportunity to collaborate with fresh&co to bring New Yorkers a taste of southern cooking as we also raise awareness of the Food and Finance High School’s important vision.


Q. Whats your favorite memory in the kitchen?


L.L. I remember the first time I worked with trimmed tenderloin. I was in culinary high school and my instructor, Chef Lee, showed a group of us how to perfectly sear tenderloin. I just remember being in awe with the process; it was the rarest meat I’d ever eaten and was such an easy process with huge payoff.  


Q. What’s one food trend that you’re excited about?


L.L. I’m loving the fact that people in California are finally learning to appreciate Hot Chicken! 


Q. If you weren’t a chef, what would you be doing?


L.L. Paths not yet taken: furniture designer, Broadway performer or full-time painter.


Q. We love your outfits. Tell us more about your inspiration behind them!


L.L. It’s called having a stylist, hunny! I do love fashion. It’s a way of speaking to the world without saying a word.  


make sure to check out Laz’s soul menu at any fresh&co location in the city!